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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the biggest tree in Ghana?

There is a tree which stands at 90 metres in height and 396 centimetres in diameter. According to Ghana’s Forestry officials, it is the biggest tree in the country. Growing in the forests of Akim Oda in Ghana’s Eastern region, the tree known locally as “the Big Tree” is of the Bako species and its botanical name is tieghemela heckle.

What trees grow in Ghana?

Trees Form Ghana. Quite a few of the tropical tree-species that grow in this specific forest zone are rare or almost extinct in other forests of Ghana. Important timber species include African mahogany ( Khaya anthotheca ), Kokrodua or Afrormosia ( Pericopsis elata) and Akan-Brong ( Argomuellera macrophylla ).

What plants grow in Ghana?

Plants and Animal. Much of the natural vegetation of Ghana has been destroyed by land clearing for agriculture, but such trees as the giant silk cotton, African mahogany, and cedar are still prevalent in the tropical forest zone of the south. The northern two-thirds of the country is covered by savanna-a grassland with scattered trees.

Is there a rainforest in Ghana?

Ghana’s Atiwa rainforest needs protection. The Atiwa forest is one of the most extensive intact rainforest areas in West Africa, a source of food and water for five million people and home to a wealth of rare plants and animals.

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