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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the names of the Angels of Heaven?

The archangels of heaven are angel Michael, angel Gabriel, angel Raphael, angel Uriel and angel Jehudiel. The two archangels that complete the list are angel Sealtiel and angel Barachiel. Their names have the suffix "el," which means "of God.".

Who is the Archangel of fire?

Archangel Raphael. The Archangel of Fire, who also holds the title of being the Chief of the Powers. He is the Shining General of Heaven's Armies. He has a fiery temper and his most distinguishing feature is a tattoo of a dragon going all the way up from his chest to the middle of his face.

What are all of the Angels?

All Angels are a British classical crossover group formed in 2006, consisting of Daisy Chute, Rachel Fabri, Melanie Nakhla and Charlotte Ritchie (who is also a well-known actress starring in shows such as Fresh Meat).

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