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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some girl names that Mean Angel?

The following baby names have great meanings that all have angelic meanings. Seraphina: Hebrew girl name meaning "fiery-winged". Angelique: French girl name meaning "like an angel". Faida: Icelandic girl name meaning" wings that are folded". Evangeline: Greek girl name meaning "bringer of good news". Aingeal: Irish girl name meaning "angel".

What are some angel names?

Angel Names: Names of Angels. Halaliel - archangel known as "the lord of karma.". Hamaliel - angel who rules the order of virtues. Hamon - a great, honored, beautiful prince angel in heaven. Haniel - an archangel who guards the tree of life. Harahel - angel who oversees libraries. Hasdiel - angel of benevolance.

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