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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most popular Spanish names?

Spanish girls' names popular in the US, Latin America, South America, and Spain include Lucia, Sofia (the Spanish spelling of the popular Sophia) and the classic Maria. The list of most popular names in Spain includes such girls' names as Vega, Laia, Candela, Aitana, and Jimena, all still very exotic in the English-speaking community.

What are their names in Spanish?

Traditionally, Spanish given names are taken from the names of saints. There are also many names which honour the Virgin Mary, such as Dolores, Rosario, Mercedes, Pilar, Consolata and Luz. See European names. The word name in Spanish is nombre.

What is an example of a Spanish name?

For example, Anna becomes Ana in Spanish, because there is no double-n sound in Spanish. April - Abril Anna - Ana Barbara - Barbara/Bebe Dorothy - Dora Elizabeth - Isabel/Elisabet/Elisabé Ellen - Elena Eve - Eva Grace - Gracia Helen - Helena Hope - Esperanza Linda - Linda Lisa - (No specific correspondence, but as the diminutive of Elizabeth you may see it rendered as Isabel.

Does Spanish have more words than English?

The fewer number of words in Spanish, however, doesn't mean that it can't be just as expressive as English; sometimes it is more so. One feature that Spanish has when compared to English is a flexible word order.

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