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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most popular Spanish names?

Spanish girls' names popular in the US, Latin America, South America, and Spain include Lucia, Sofia (the Spanish spelling of the popular Sophia) and the classic Maria. The list of most popular names in Spain includes such girls' names as Vega, Laia, Candela, Aitana, and Jimena, all still very exotic in the English-speaking community.

What are some unique Spanish names?

These names are hot in Spain, but haven't become too common in the United States yet. Alba Alma (there are those A names again) Carmen Eulalia Gael Laia Triana Vega Vera

What are Spanish nicknames?

Some Spanish nicknames include Nacho, Pepe, Chava and Nando. Some Spanish nicknames are straight-forward shortenings of longer common names, while others are creative reworkings of the original name. Some are of obscure origin. Nacho, besides being a delicious snack, is also a Spanish nickname for "Ignacio," a common given name for men.

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