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Frequently Asked Questions

What are other names for Heaven?

Heaven is a key concept in Chinese mythology, philosophies and religions, and is on one end of the spectrum a synonym of Shangdi ("Supreme Deity") and on the other naturalistic end, a synonym for nature and the sky. The Chinese term for "Heaven", Tian (天), derives from the name of the supreme deity of the Zhou Dynasty.

What are the names of the Angels of Heaven?

The archangels of heaven are angel Michael, angel Gabriel, angel Raphael, angel Uriel and angel Jehudiel. The two archangels that complete the list are angel Sealtiel and angel Barachiel. Their names have the suffix "el," which means "of God.".

What is a girl name that means Heaven?

The baby name Heaven-leigh is a girl name. The name Heaven-leigh comes from the Unknown origin. In English The meaning of the name Heaven-leigh is: One with life meaning holy and Heaven sent Information: Name: Heaven-leighName meaning: One with life meaning holy and Heaven sentGender: Female / Feminine / Girl / GirlsOrigin of name: Unknown.

Who are the Angels of Heaven?

Archangel Michael is God's top angel, leading all of the angels in heaven. He is also known as Saint Michael. Michael means "Who is like God?". Other spellings of Michael's name include Mikhael, Mikael, Mikail, and Mikhail.

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