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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any romance in Fruits Basket?

There are all kinds of loves and romances, which is especially true in the case of the Fruits Basket series, as you uncover the many couples throughout the series to root for. It's one of those Manga's that never fails to disappoint, and one that you will always return to throughout your life, as a source of comfort and of happiness.

Is there another season of Fruits Basket?

Fruits Basket Season 2 kicked off on April 6, 2019 , eighteen year since the 1st season premiere. Fruits Basket truly illustrated how the world of anime works and proved thereby that those of you, who are still keep hoping to see another season of your favorite anime should not give up.

Are they making second season to Fruits Basket?

Fruits Basket Season 2 was slated to be a part of the massive wave of anime which will premiere in Spring 2020. A few days ago, Funimation confirmed the much awaited news and confirmed the release date of Fruits Basket season 2 to the joy of fans.

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