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Frequently Asked Questions

How to create a modern theme for MyAnimeList?

MyAnimeList Theme 1 Preview 2 Features 3 Installation. In your MAL Account Settings open the Tab List Style Design, select Modern on top, tick the Anime and Manga box below the Default Theme and hit Save. 4 Building. This theme is developed using the Sass CSS precompiler. ...

How do I change the size of my Banner?

The default banner provided with the theme has a height of 150px. To align all icons with your banner, use the following as Custom CSS and change the pixel size to the height of your image: Make sure your banner is wide enough for most screen sizes (ideally >1920px wide).

How do I add custom styles to MyAnimeList?

It's been more than a year since the last thread about MyAnimeList custom styles. Let's have another discussion about them! Feel free to share your theme, other themes you love or stories about how painful they are to make =) For those of you who do not have a custom style yet, you can get started by going into Profile > Edit > My List Style.

What size image should I use for a banner and background?

For the banner, i'd suggest using a 850w x 230 image. However you can use any size image as it will automatically scale to fit that dimension. Changing wallpaper. If you want to use your own wallpaper and want that wallpaper to fit the screen correctly, add the code background-size: 100% 100%;in the wallpaper section. Changing blue accent color.

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