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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add custom styles to MyAnimeList?

It's been more than a year since the last thread about MyAnimeList custom styles. Let's have another discussion about them! Feel free to share your theme, other themes you love or stories about how painful they are to make =) For those of you who do not have a custom style yet, you can get started by going into Profile > Edit > My List Style.

How many beautiful anime backgrounds are there?

Great background art can really make a difference in elevating an anime to greatness. Feast your eyes on these 46 beautiful anime backgrounds. When people think about art in anime, typically character designs and animation dominate the conversation.

Is Space Dandy the best anime background art ever?

Its the insane collage-like Witches' Mazes, however, that give the series some of the most unique and memorable anime background art ever. Space Dandy served as an episodic animator's showcase. New planets every week allowed for new and different styles of art and animation.

Why is anime background art important?

Anime background art is important: it establishes memorable settings, it enhances the emotion of a scene, and at its best it can be truly breathtaking in its beauty.

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