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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best apps for making music?

Of course there are many more apps out there we love. Bloom and Scape, from Brian Eno, are very easy to use and can be transfixing. Pitch Painter, from electronic music pioneer Morton Subotnik, is a great one for kids. Audio Palette morphs together ambient sounds and effects to create very cinematic soundscapes.

What is the best software for making music?

MAGIX Music Maker is another great beat making software and is one of our most recommended software. It is super easy to use and thus very affordable if you are totally into music making as it has all the professional tools. MAGIX is popularly known in the field for years and has received many awards in the past.

What is the best free music making software for PC?

Audacity is one of the most popular and free music production software for Windows PC that lets you record music from various sources and post-process it into any audio file. The software has everything you will need as a beginner composer: fine-tuning the pitch, treble, bass, and many more.

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