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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Murara volcano?

Murara was a small, short-lived, cinder cone on the flank of Mount Nyamuragira, that began erupting on December 23, 1976. It is located about twelve kilometers south-southwest of the main crater of Nyamuragira.

What episode does Murara appear in Izenborg?

Murara (ムララ Murara) was the first Triceratops to appear in the 1977 series, Dinosaur Great War Izenborg, appearing in episode 12. Bursting from a mountain side, Ururu's latest soldier marched his way towards a peaceful village, killing two wood cutters in the process.

Is Murara a good or bad dinosaur?

Murara is the second dinosaur to deflect from Ururu and Gottes army, and much like Unko, the innocent life of children where the cause. Murara's suit would go on to make Garara, the truly evil triceratops, and then Topura, the peaceful and wounded triceratops.

How do you use the Muramasa?

The Muramasa is a blue-bladed weapon with a very fast attack speed (the highest speed of all swords in pre-hardmode). The Muramasa can be swung continuously by holding down the attack key. It also emits a faint amount of blue light upon being swung, much like a Blue Torch, the Hammush, and the Mushroom Spear when being swung.

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