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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Microsoft whiteboard for teams rooms?

This version of Whiteboard allows you to interact with remote attendees of Microsoft Teams meetings and do real-time diagramming or sketching. To enable the interactive Whiteboard on a Microsoft Teams Rooms device, you need to meet the following requirements:

How to use breakout rooms in Microsoft Teams?

Using breakout rooms in Microsoft Teams 1 Create breakout rooms. In the Teams desktop client, select the breakout rooms icon on the control bar. ... 2 Start breakout rooms. When you are ready to start your breakout sessions, select Start rooms. ... 3 Send announcements. ... 4 Close rooms and pull participants back to the main meeting. ...

Is Microsoft’s Whiteboard coming to the virtual breakout rooms?

According to the roadmap, the feature is still scheduled to arrive later this month, but it looks like it might come bundled with another excellent addition. Microsoft has confirmed that it will enable support for ‘Whiteboard’ within the virtual breakout rooms.

How to make the whiteboard more visible to the room participants?

If you want to make those Whiteboards more visible then I suggest that someone in the BO Room meeting copies the Whiteboard link to the chat and thus it appears in the chat to all room participants and also allows accessing the Whiteboard quite easily afterwards. This is a kind of best practice when you use Whiteboards in Teams meetings.

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