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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is danieldaniel Island?

Daniel Island is an upscale, master planned community north of Charleston. There are many beautiful, new large homes being built and there is plenty more room for future expansion.

Why move to Daniel Island?

Surrounded by rivers, creeks and beautiful marsh views, Daniel Island is a place where people live and work, where children walk to school, and where the opportunities for active recreation are limitless.

What is the private dining experience at Mpishi?

Mpishi has an exclusive private dining experience for our interested guests. We can bring the culinary flavors from our dishes to your home. Please use the contact form to ask about pricing and more details! We can't wait to see you for breakfast, brunch, or lunch at Mpishi Restaurant.

What is Andy Clay's Mpishi?

Chef Andy Clay has brought his 25 years of global cooking back to Daniel Island. He and his wife, pastry chef Allie Clay have designed Mpishi to meet the tastes of the entire family. Food options include traditional comfort foods, more unusual ethnic foods as well as health conscious options.

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