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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Firefox Focus for Android?

What is Firefox Focus for Android? Firefox Focus gives you a dedicated privacy browser with tracking protection and content blocking on your Android phone or tablet. Set Firefox Focus as default browser on Android How to set Firefox Focus as your default browser so you can use it to open links by default.

Does Firefox Focus use Google as a search engine?

However, Firefox Focus defaults to using Google as its search engine. Firefox Focus isn't the fastest application available for surfing the web. However, it can reduce the stress on your system resources, speeding up the rate at which your Android device downloads pages.

Where can I download Firefox for Android?

The Firefox for Android download can be found here: You may need to get updates manually when not installing from the Play store. You might check twice a month or whatever interval makes sense to you. Thank you! have a nice day !

What is the best way to test Android apps in focus?

If you're making changes to these projects and want to test them in Focus, auto-publication workflow is the fastest, most reliable way to do that. In, specify a relative path to your local android-components and/or application-services checkouts. E.g.:

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