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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I download Mozilla Firefox for free?

Firefox for Mac Download Firefox. You can get it for free at the Mozilla website. Open the DMG file. Once the download is complete, the DMG file should open automatically. Install the application. Drag the file into your Applications folder. Put Firefox on the dock.

Which is better Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome?

The Google browser is the more polished and refined one than Mozilla Firefox. It is more understandable and intuitive to use. Chrome is a better choice for beginner users, since it has fewer ways to accidentally screw things up. Although it requires more resources, it offers faster and better performance than Mozilla.

How do I update Mozilla Firefox for Windows 7?

You need to open Mozilla Firefox to update Mozilla Firefox. Click mouse right button up to Mozilla Firefox shortcut icon and click Open text to open Mozilla Firefox on windows 7. 2. Click upper-right sight menu button then you will see new options. Click help icon to see Mozilla Firefox help options.

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