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Frequently Asked Questions

What is motor relearning therapy?

Motor relearning is an evidence-based therapy technique used to help clients regain or improve motor control. With a thorough understanding of one’s own motor dysfunctions, clients can, with the help of physiotherapist, retrain their muscles towards normal function.

What is motor learning?

Theories of Motor Learning [edit| edit source] Motor learning is a complex process occurring in the brain in response to practice or experience of a certain skill resulting in changes in the central nervous system. It allows for the production of a new motor skill.

How long does the motor relearning program last?

The motor relearning program was conducted for 60 days from the third day after model establishment.

What is MRP in occupational therapy?

Retraining of motor control basing on understanding of normal movement & analysis of motor dysfunction. Emphasis of MRP is on practice of specific activities, the training of cognitive control over muscles & movt. Components of activities & conscious elimination of unnecessary muscle activity.

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