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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you fix a dry erase board?

Rub the solution with a paint pad evenly over the scratch or the entire board, depending on the damage. A small amount of solution should be ample in most cases. Let the board dry for at least one hour. Wait about 72 hours before marking on the board and using it as you normally would.

How do you erase a dry erase board?

Dry the board with a clean, dry cloth. Use 99% or 90% isopropyl rubbing alcohol for the best results. You can put rubbing alcohol directly on a paper towel or tissue and rub that on the old marks. Many hand sanitizers contain rubbing alcohol. Rub them directly on the old marks and wipe off of the board.

What is a magnetic dry erase board?

The white magnetic dry erase board features a lip to hold markers and erasers. The dry erase board, also known as a whiteboard, has an aluminum frame that matches any setting. The white magnetic dry erase board, dry erase board is porcelain on steel, a stain, dent, and scratch resistant material.

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