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Frequently Asked Questions

How to contact Missouri Department of revenue?

Department of Revenue News Release. The New London License Office, located at 311 S Main St., opened today at 8 a.m. For office hours and days of operation for the New London License Office, please visit the License Office Location Map at or call 573-985-6440.

How much does Department of revenue pay?

How much does Department of Revenue in the United States pay? The average Department of Revenue salary ranges from approximately $19,800 per year for Process Operator to $99,999 per year for Screener. Average Department of Revenue hourly pay ranges from approximately $8.50 per hour for Document Prepper to $33.72 per hour for Business Analyst.

What is the Missouri Department of revenue sales tax?

Use tax is imposed on the storage, use or consumption of tangible personal property in this state. The 4.225 percent state sales and use tax is distributed into four funds to finance portions of state government – General Revenue (3.0 percent), Conservation (0.125 percent), Education (1.0 percent), and Parks/Soils (0.10 percent).

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