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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did the search for the missing Utah girls take so long?

While Justin Gordon, Utah County Sheriff’s Office search and rescue sergeant, noted harsh weather conditions as one of the biggest factors complicating the effort, he said the locations of the girls’ bodies is puzzling. Searchers felt they had a good idea of where to look for the girls, yet they were found 6 miles east of that, Gordon said.

What happened to missing Utah student found naked and covered in coal?

A Utah man is in custody after a missing college student was found alive in his home — naked and covered in coal, authorities said.

Did the Utah teenagers wear life jackets when they disappeared?

Ty Hunter, Utah State Parks Clean Vessel Act grant coordinator, confirmed during the news conference that the girls were not wearing life jackets. The teens’ disappearance sparked a massive search and rescue operation that shifted to a recovery operation on Saturday.

How did investigators track down the missing teen in Hawaii?

Investigators ultimately used cellphone tower information to track down the missing teen in the town of about 500 residents, the newspaper reported. Loa is nearly 90 miles from Snow College.

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