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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to the girl who went missing in Utah?

The girl had been missing since her family and several other hikers were caught up in the flooding Monday afternoon. The Emery County Sheriff's Office said a piece of clothing from the missing child was found 7 miles down the slot canyon near Goblin Valley State Park, about 165 miles southeast of Salt Lake City, Utah.

What happened to the hiker who got lost in Zion Park?

The mysterious case of the missing California hiker who claims she got lost in Utah’s Zion Park for 12 days has gotten even weirder now that her sister has claimed she suffered a mental breakdown since turning up again, the Daily Mail reports.

What happened to the missing hikers in the Grand Canyon?

Vehicles parked at trailheads led searchers to believe there were still hikers in the area that were unaccounted for overnight, but the the Sheriff's Office said in an update Tuesday that they believed the 3-year-old girl was the only one still missing. At least 21 other people escaped the canyon unharmed.

How long have human remains been found near Utah Lake?

Human remains believed to be a man missing for more than two decades were found near a Utah lake, officials said. The bones have been in the field near Utah Lake between Provo and Orem for at least 23 years, based on the condition they a were in, the Utah County Sheriff’s Office said in a news release on Jan. 5.

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