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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best Mac Games?

The 12 Best Games for Mac. A Good Fit For: Fans of old-school RPGs like Ultima VII and Baldur’s Gate; people looking for a meaty RPG to play through with a friend; fans of turn-based tactics RPGs. Not A Good Fit For: Anyone looking for something relaxed and casual. Original Sin is a difficult, demanding game,...

How can I download games on my Mac?

Navigate with your web browser to a game website that has a game you wish to download and install. There may be a fee associated with downloading the game. Read the terms of service carefully before downloading. Locate the downloaded file on your Macintosh desktop. It is probably a "disk image" file with the extension .dmg.

What is the best free game for PC?

Warframe. Warframe is a third-person action-shooter from Digital Extremes, set against a space opera backdrop within our solar system. The core gameplay loop involves running missions for resources, level up, and progress to other planets.

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