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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the villains in my Hero Academia?

League of Villains (My Hero Academia) M. Magne. Meta Liberation Army. Mimic (My Hero Academia) Moonfish. Mr. Compress. Muscular. Mustard (My Hero Academia)

Who is the villain in overhaul?

Starting us off at the bottom is a villain that has yet to appear in the anime, one of the members of villain Overhaul's "Eight Expendables," Shin Nemoto. The Eight Expendables are villains who have lost the will to live, thus the name, and have joined up with Overhaul to have purpose in their lives.

What makes a villain naturally villainous?

Finally, some people are simply victims of their own Quirk affecting their personality, making them naturally villainous; such as Tomura Shigaraki 's Quirk making him want to destroy everything, or Himiko Toga 's Quirk making her bloodthirsty. Like Heroes, Villains often choose to go by a code name.

Who is the best league of villains villain?

Himiko Toga is a fan favorite. She's also a villain that has never felt the need for an alias., and we can hardly blame her there. Toga's blood lust and quirk are linked; Toga can turn into anybody she pleases, but she needs to ingest their blood first. Toga loves her role in the League of Villains.

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