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Frequently Asked Questions

Is messenger on Facebook safe?

Yes, messenger is safe. Make sure that you check the privacy settings and security settings are set the way you want. These are located in the left hand side of your home screen. Your phone number and email will not show unless you want them to. If you are still uncomfortable, log in using a secure browser like Tor.

Are Messenger messages private?

The company announced Friday that it built a new feature inside Messenger called “secret” messages, or private conversations that are end-to-end encrypted. These messages will be stored only on the sender’s and recipient’s devices, not on Facebook’s servers like regular Messenger messages.

Is Facebook Messenger private messages?

Facebook has a “private message” feature (which is the same as “chat” and the Messenger app on your phone). If you used this feature, there is absolutely no way that someone not party to that conversation would have been notified of it.

How secure is Facebook messaging?

It depends how you define secure. Messages are encrypted in transit between your computer and the server and between the server and the person receiving your message. That part is secure. If, however, you mean secure from Facebook reading it then no.

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