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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a messenger bag used for?

A messenger bag (also called a courier bag) is a type of sack, usually made out of some kind of cloth (natural or synthetic), that is worn over one shoulder with a strap that goes across the chest resting the bag on the lower back. While messenger bags are sometimes used by couriers, they are now also an urban fashion icon.

Are messenger bags cool for guys?

Messenger bags are a great choice for guys. Well, not exclusively for guys (women have great choices for bags), but they're a definitely an accessory guys should be proud to wear with style. As you've learned, they can be extremely practical. They were also first worn by men, and have been popular among guys for decades.

Can men wear messenger bags?

No, men should definitely not wear messenger bags. Unless, of course… * they want to look urbane and classy. If you want to look dowdy, boring, or with the sense of style of a kid in junior high, then go for a backpack. * they want to be able to choose from a wide range of designs, fabrics, and sizes.

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