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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Meralco stand for?

The name "Meralco" is an acronym for Manila Electric Railroad and Light Company, which was the company's official name until 1919. Organized in 1891 and beginning operations in late 1894, La Electricista was the first electric company to provide electricity to Manila towards the close of the Spanish era.

How is Meralco diversifying its business?

Meralco also has started to diversify its operations in response to the deregulation of the Philippines power industry by extending into power generation, industrial construction and engineering, and other areas, including real estate development, e-commerce, and consultancy services.

What is the history of Meralco Power Plant?

In the late 1920s, however, Meralco began construction on a new, large-scale power plant, the Botocan Hydro Station. Completed in 1930, the power plant was one of the region's largest construction projects of the time. The additional capacity allowed the company to begin hooking up customers throughout the metro Manila area.

What happened to Meralco?

To drive demand for more power, MERALCO also opened a retail store in order to sell electric home appliances. During the Second World War, the Japanese occupying forces forcibly transferred all of MERALCO's assets and holdings to the Japanese-controlled Taiwan Power Company. By war's end, most of the former Meralco facilities had been destroyed.

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