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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the best Burns memes?

Burns Memes Only True Fans Will Understand 1 Too Happy 2 Burns's Ted Talk 3 Everyone Hates Burns 4 War Against Nature 5 Becoming Burns 6 A Literal Nazi 7 Low-esteem Burns 8 Stewie's Counterpart 9 The Boss From Hell 10 The Face Of Corporate Evil

Is Mr Burns from the Simpsons evil?

Gray haired Mr. Burns from the cartoon "The Simpsons" is the owner of the power plant, and Homer Simpson's boss. He is known for being very wealthy, greedy, and downright evil. One of his signature phrases is the one in this GIF meme. He says "Excellent" in an evil tone while smiling and wiggling his fingers.

Is Burns from the office really evil?

But just because Burns is evil does not make him any less hilarious. He has been responsible for many of the show's funniest moments, with his outlandish schemes to make a profit and his general disdain for the unwashed masses. Here are 10 hilarious memes the internet has spawned about the animated boss from Hell:

What does Mr Burns object to in the workplace?

Mr. Burns objects to the idea of people having fun at the workplace. During the time of his youth, people went to offices to slave away at their desks to turn the company a profit. Modern concepts such as 'employees being the company shareholders' and 'fun workplace environment' are entirely lost on Burns.

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