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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Make my Meetup group successful?

How to Create a Meetup Group Click the " Create a Meetup " button. To create your own Meetup group, click Create a Meetup in the top-left corner of any Meetup page (it never ... Verify or choose the hometown for your group. Select "interests" to indicate the kinds of people your Meetup will cater to. Name your Meetup and explain what its purpose will be. Confirm your details and agree to the Meetup terms to create your Meetup group. See More....

What does it mean to be a meetup?

Meetup is about connecting people with something in common. From activities you love and hobbies you want to try, to ways you identify yourself and who you want to be, a Meetup group is a community. A community of people who come together because they care about the same thing.

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