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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does meetup pro cost?

Meetup Pro. Meetup Pro is separate from standard Meetup subscriptions. Create an unlimited number of groups in a single network, and help your brand reach audiences through community-supported events. Meetup Pro is $30 per group per month billed every six months or $35 per group per month billed month to month. Taxes may apply.

Does meetup cost money?

Meetup users do not need to pay a fee to sign up for the website, and the service itself is free to use for individual users. Meetup makes its money by charging group organizers a monthly fee to run their groups. It is then up to the group organizers to choose whether or not to charge group members fees, and how much.

Is meetup ID legit?

We encounter a lot of questions in our Meetup ID department if this service is for real or scam. In most cases, if dating ID, Meetup ID or Hookup ID are just the same and 100% legit. But beware that there's a lot of fake services who copied the product to deceive people for money.

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