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Frequently Asked Questions

How to access medpros?

To access e-Profile, you must have an active AKO account and Common Access Card. Next, you can access the Medical Operational Data System (MODS) page by visiting Finally, you select e-Profile from the MODS Application links on the left side of the web page. Considering this, how do I access Army Medpros?

How to access Ako 2.0?

• STEP 1: Log in to AKO 2.0 with your CAC card or using your Logon ID and password. Link to AKO 2.0: o%2fen.html • STEP 2: On the AKO 2.0 Home Page, Click on “My Medical Readiness” **This will prompt you to CAC log in to your Medical readiness Portal

How to access my medical profile Army?

Soldiers can access their e-Profile-generated profiles and view the status’ of their Medical Evaluation Board and/or Physical Evaluation Board from their AKO homepage, by going to the “Self Service” drop-down and selecting “My Medical.” A Soldier can access his or her profile through the “My Medical Readiness” link and their Medical Evaluation Board (MEB) and/or Physical Evaluation Board information through the My MEB/My PEB link.

Where to find Army profile?

How do I find my Army profile? Soldiers can access their individual E-profile by following these steps: 1. Go to AKO home page, right column under 'My Professional Data' and click on 'My Medical Readiness Status'.

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