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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of using MediaWiki?

Advantages of MediaWiki Long-term maintenance and support: MediaWiki development is backed by an organization with an annual budget in excess of 27 million dollars . There is no need to worry that in the foreseeable future the codebase will be completely abandoned by its developers and become unmaintained.

How do I install MediaWiki?

Manual:Installing MediaWiki Download MediaWiki software. Download the MediaWiki tar file from the official download page . Generally, if you're... Upload files to your server. If you have not already uploaded the files to your web server, do so now. If your upload... Create a database. If you ...

How to create your own wiki with MediaWiki?

Double click to run the Mediawiki module. Choose Language and click Next. It will ask for WAMP Stack folder location. ... Fill in the details: Login name - This will be used to log into the wiki (default password will be database password) Real name - not necessary Email address - ... Upon clicking Next, give your wiki a great name. More items...

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