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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the planning department do in Medford?

The Planning, Building Safety and Public Works Engineering departments work closely together to form Development Services for the City of Medford. The Planning Department can assist you with land use and development code related questions:

How do I find the zoning of my Medford property?

To find the zoning of your property, click the link to access Medford Land Information, the City’s public GIS system. In the search bar labeled Find address or place, type the address in question and hit Enter.

What is the purpose of the Medford land development code?

The purpose of the Medford's Land Development Code is to promote the public health, safety, and general welfare of all residents of the City of Medford through the regulation and management of the use and development of land within the city.

What is the Medford long-term plan?

This plan is the long-term vision for Medford created by residents, stakeholders and decision makers and includes goals, objects and policies to guide decision making.

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