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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to the Mail Tribune?

The Mail Tribune and all other Southern Oregon Media Group properties were sold to Rosebud Media LLC in January 2017. According to former Mail Tribune editor Bob Hunter, the paper remains a strong advocate for Medford and the Rogue Valley, one that does not shy away from what he terms "constructive criticism" of governmental entities.

What happened to the Medford Tribune?

It also dropped "Medford" from its nameplate as it became more of a regional publication. News Corporation bought Dow Jones in 2007 and sold the Tribune in 2013 to Newcastle Investment, which assigned operations to GateHouse Media, which oversees some 400 newspapers and 350 related websites.

Who was the first editor of the Chicago Tribune?

Eric W. Allen Jr. took over the editorial reins of the paper in 1964 and soon gained a reputation as a supporter of civil rights, handgun control, land use planning, controls on air and water pollution, and other issues that were unpopular with many Mail Tribune subscribers.

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