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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the definition of Inspector?

Definition of inspector. 1 : a person employed to inspect something. 2a : a police officer who is in charge of usually several precincts and ranks below a superintendent or deputy superintendent. b : a person appointed to oversee a polling place.

What does Inspecter mean?

The definition of an inspector is a police officer ranked below a police chief, a person in the fire department who is in charge of fire prevention, or a person who is entrusted with the authority to check something to determine quality.

What is the definition of food inspector?

A food inspector is someone who is responsible for giving individual inspections for determining the quality of the food processed or made. They also deal with the prevention of food hazards, manufacture of safety manuals for companies and determine the verifications of the salesperson.

What is the definition of property inspector?

A property inspector looks for evidence of fire, water, or termite damage. An inspection report will help a homebuyer determine whether they should buy a particular home. Property inspectors can determine the level of damage caused by flooding. Property inspectors look for fixable damage. A property inspector will check a home's electrical system.

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