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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the role of the acting president of the US?

Acting president of the United States. An acting president of the United States is an individual who legitimately exercises the powers and duties of the president of the United States even though that person does not hold the office in their own right.

What is the meaning of actingn?

n. 1. The occupation of an actor. 2. Performance as an actor. 1. taking on duties temporarily, esp as a substitute for another: the acting president. 2. operating or functioning: an acting order. 3. (Theatre) intended for stage performance; provided with directions for actors: an acting version of 'Hedda Gabler'.

What is the difference between acting president and interim president?

This is another important difference between the two terms. The acting president has to vacate the premises once the actual president returns back. On the other hand the interim president steps down only after a new person is appointed in the said post.

What is the meaning of act on behalf of?

2. to have an effect on. to do something for (someone else); to act as the representative of (someone). My lawyer is acting on my behalf; He is also acting on behalf of my mother; She is acting for the headmaster in his absence. at the exact moment (of doing something).

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