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Frequently Asked Questions

What does MCCAC stand for?

Mid-Columbia Community Action Council (MCCAC) is pleased to announce that they have been awarded nearly $550,000 to assist Hood River, Wasco and, Sherman County residents in keeping current on their household utilities. For those experiencing shut-off or disconnections, please contact us at Hood River or Wasco Office.

What is the MCCAC Rent Assistance Program?

The MCCAC Rent Assistance Program works to help households who are facing an eviction notice and/or who are at risk of losing their housing. MCCAC houseless programs include assistance with shelter as well as financial assistance through grants.

Why choose mcacc?

We strive to be an innovative and trusted resource for the community. Supporting pets and people during Covid-19: Pets are family, and MCACC is committed to helping both our four- and two-legged friends who have been impacted by COVID-19.

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