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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose McCaffrey health?

At McCaffrey Health, we know that you want to be someone who fully embraces life without having any health issues getting in the way. We understand how incredibly frustrating it can be to not get the personalized attention from your healthcare providers.

Why choose McCaffrey Health Center for pain relief?

Pain is usually an indicator that a part of your body is out of alignment and needs to be adjusted. McCaffrey Health Center offers the very best in Chiropractic care as part of our complete healthcare system. Don’t spend another day in pain, let our team help you move with freedom again! More ways to discover health secrets.

Who is Sean McCaffrey?

Over 20 years helping tens of thousands regain their health. Respected knowledge expert and trainer of the McCaffrey Method to other doctors. Discover how a personalized plan can make all the difference as Dr. Sean listens to your personal health history and current symptoms.

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