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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose niknikon mcax?

Nikon’s innovative and proven dynamic laser power control allows for almost any combination of materials to be scanned together without expert user knowledge. Paired with the MCAx S arm’s ability to have scanner and probe available simultaneously, tactile inspection of hidden details is possible.

What is the mcax s?

MCAx S is a 7-axis articulated arm portable CMM able to accurately measure parts with ease, using touch probes or the ModelMaker H120 non-contact 3D scanner. The MCAx S arms range in size from 2.0 to 4.5 m and three performance levels for user choice of the optimal system configuration.

What is an mcax measuring arm?

The MCAx Manual Coordinate measuring Arm is a precise, reliable and easy-to-use portable 7-axis measuring arm. It is the perfect partner for the ModelMaker H120 and MMDx laser scanners and Focus Handheld scanning and inspection software due to its high precision, repeatability and stability.

Where can I use the modelmaker scanners and mcax arms?

Alternatively, through the Nikon Metrology API, the ModelMaker scanners and MCAx arms can be used directly in many 3rdparty inspection and reverse engineering software applications, including PolyWorks®, Metrolog and Geomagic .

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