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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is leading Terry Youngkin or Terry McAuliffe in polls?

A poll last month from the University of Mary Washington showed Youngkin leading 43 to 38 percent among likely voters. And a Trafalgar poll released earlier this month showed Youngkin with a razor-thin lead over McAuliffe by 48.4 to 47.5 percent.

Can Youngkin draw even with McAuliffe among independents?

The new poll indicates that a surge in support among independents for Youngkin is a major factor in the GOP nominee drawing even with McAuliffe. Youngkin tops McAuliffe 48%-39% among independents, compared to a 46%-37% lead for the former governor in Monmouth’s September poll.

What happened to Terry McAuliffe’s lead among women in September?

McAuliffe’s 52%-38% lead among women in September shrunk to 47%-43% in the latest survey. The poll also suggests geography’s at play – Youngkin increased his already enormous lead in western Virginia – the reddest part of the state – while McAuliffe’s large lead in heavily-blue Northern Virginia has slipped slightly.

Does Terry McAuliffe still have an advantage in Tidewater?

The new survey indicates that McAuliffe retains single digit advantages in the Tidewater and Richmond/I-95 areas of the commonwealth. Steinhauser also includes a statement from the polling institute's director, Patrick Murray.

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