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Frequently Asked Questions

What did Terry McAuliffe say about schools during the debate?

Terry McAuliffe and Glenn Youngkin sparred during the second and final debate of Virginia’s governor’s race on Tuesday, but it was one comment on schools by McAuliffe, the Democratic candidate, that drew the ire of conservatives.

What do the polls say about Terry McAuliffe's race?

The debate took place on the Alexandria campus of Northern Virginia Community College as polls show a tight race: McAuliffe was standing at 50 percent to former private equity executive Youngkin's 47 percent in a recent Post-Schar School poll. The poll suggested that several outside factors could weigh on the governor’s race.

Who are Terry McAuliffe and Glenn Youngkin?

Virginia Democratic gubernatorial candidate and former Gov. Terry McAuliffe, left, and Republican challenger, Glenn Youngkin, participate in their debate in Alexandria on Sept. 28, 2021. Cliff Owen / AP

Who is Terry McAuliffe’s campaign ad?

By mid-Wednesday, Youngkin, a first-time candidate and former co-CEO of the Carlyle Group, turned McAuliffe’s statement into a campaign ad. It contrasted McAuliffe’s words with complaints from parents speaking about sexually explicit content in school materials.

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