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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Terry McAuliffe’s campaign doing on Facebook?

The McAuliffe campaign’s advertisements are sophisticated and opaque. Like most candidates, McAuliffe operates a Facebook page under his own name to promote his campaign. But the former governor also operates another Facebook page that blurs the lines between a political campaign and disinformation.

Is Terry McAuliffe’s campaign ahead of Glenn Youngkin in Virginia Governorial polls?

Virginia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe’s campaign may have been well ahead of the latest polling showing their candidate trailing Republican opponent Glenn Youngkin.

What did Terry McAuliffe do as governor of Virginia?

Youngkin's victory switched Virginia to a split government. McAuliffe was governor of Virginia from 2014 to 2018 and chairman of the Democratic National Committeefrom 2001 to 2005. [3][4]He emphasized his previous term as governor, saying he "brought 200,000 good paying jobs to the Commonwealth, drove unemployment down, and raised personal income."

Did McAuliffe campaign scramble to ‘kill’ Fox News story?

Even more eye-opening is that when the McAuliffe campaign was contacted for comment here, they scrambled to “kill” the story, according to emails mistakenly sent to Fox News.

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