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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I prepare for the MCAT?

Here are five easy ways to prepare for the MCAT: 1. Assess your knowledge. The first you want to take in preparing for the MCA is to take a practice test. Simulate the testing environment in a quiet space and time yourself for each section. When you finish, review your results and identify your strong and weak points.

Do MCAT preparation courses really help?

MCAT prep courses will help students become more comfortable taking the MCAT by offering strategies and test taking tips. The more comfortable a student is with the material and concepts, the better the student will do when taking the MCAT. Finding your ideal approach to MCAT prep can be challenging.

How long does it take to study for the MCAT?

Only two weeks are necessary to study for the MCAT. Fact: Although some people claim to have hardly studied yet got that 35+ score, those people are rare and far in-between. To properly study for the MCAT, one needs 2 to 4 months of rigorous practice and discipline.

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