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Frequently Asked Questions

What is/R/MCAT?

The MCAT (Medical College Admission Test) is offered by the AAMC and is a required exam for admission to medical schools in the USA and Canada. /r/MCAT is a place for MCAT practice, questions, discussion, advice, social networking, news, study tips and more. Check out the sidebar for useful resources & intro guides.

How is the MCAT scored?

Each of the four MCAT sections is scored on a scale from 118-132, and students are given individual section scores plus a comprehensive score on a scale from 472-528. Across all test takers, the mean and median for each section is a 125, while the overall mean and median are 500.

How important are GPA and MCAT scores for medical school admissions?

No matter how the medical school admissions landscape has changed over the years, one thing has remained constant: GPA and MCAT score are the foundation of every application.

What is the difference between MSAR and MCAT data?

Schools typically report data on students entering the first-year class (i.e., matriculating students), but the default MSAR setting is "all accepted applicants." MSAR is published in the Spring of each year. On the other hand, medical schools may update their website with average GPA and average MCAT data at any time.

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