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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the MCAT score predict success in medical school?

A study published in Military Medicine indicated that by the time medical students became residents, their MCAT score was far less of a predictor of success than it was early in medical school.

What is the acceptance rate for the MCAT?

91.5% of applicants with a score between 39-45 were accepted. 1.4% of applicants with a score between 5-14 were accepted! What about the applicant with an average MCAT score? They were accepted at a rate of 82.1% [1] *. Only 78.2% of applicants with an MCAT score between 39-45 were accepted.

Is a 514 MCAT score good enough for medical school?

For example, depending on your GPA, a 514 MCAT score might be sufficient for, say, UT Southwestern Medical School (515 average MCAT score) and other medical schools in Texas, but not for NYU Medical School (522 average MCAT score).

What is a good MCAT score for 2019?

Your MCAT total score will range between 472-528, with 500 as the average score. Each of the four MCAT sections is scored between 118-132, with 125 being the average score (i.e., 50th percentile) for each section.

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