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Frequently Asked Questions

How is MCAS data collected for the 2020 data year?

For the 2020 data year, MCAS data is collected for the following lines of business: The Market Analysis Procedures (D) Working Group (MAPWG) is responsible for identifying new MCAS lines of business and promoting uniform analysis by applying consistent measurements and comparisons of MCAS data provided by companies.

What new MCAS lines of business are being introduced in 2021?

No new MCAS lines of business are being introduced for the 2021 data year. However, there are updates to the Life, Annuity, Homeowner, Private Passenger Auto, and Lender-Placed Auto and Home lines of business.

What is the MCAS indicator for each state?

The MCAS application displays an indicator for each state in which, according to your 2020 financial annual statement (FAS), you reported premium meeting the threshold requirements. The FAS Supplemental Health Care Exhibit and LTC Reporting Forms 1 through 5 filing deadline is April 1.

What does MCAS WG stand for?

The Market Conduct Annual Statement Blanks (D) Working Group (MCAS Blanks WG) is responsible for the MCAS content and defining the data that is collected.

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