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Frequently Asked Questions

What services does VHA provide?

In VHA we have many Services (Nursing, Medicine, Radiology, PM & R, Laboratory, etc) that provide patient care. Within each service there are distinct work areas that generate workload.

What is the MCA program?

MCA consists of a set of programs that uses relational databases to provide cost and other information needed by managers and clinicians. MCA has been implemented throughout the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) healthcare systems.

Where can I find the VHA data portal?

For more information on data available at CDW and the current request procedures, please see the VHA Data Portal (Intranet only: FMS is the VHA general ledger. However, it is being replaced by iFAMS as part of a multi-year finance and acquisition system modernization project.

What are some of the most common data sources for VHA?

Source of data for many VHA datasets or databases VA Corporate Data Warehouse (CDW) VA Medical SAS (MedSAS) VA MCA National Clinical Data VA Vital Status File VA Pharmacy Data VA/CMS Data for Research 14 10/2017 Commonly used VA data sources

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