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Frequently Asked Questions

What does mcabs stand for?

Monoclonal antibodies ( McAbs) to determinants on human gamma chains: Properties of antibodies showing subclass restriction or subclass specificity. Acronyms browser ?

What is the meaning of macabre?

1 : having death as a subject : comprising or including a personalized representation of death The macabre dance included a procession of skeletons.

What is an MCB and how does it work?

MCBs work on a time-delay tripping mechanism. This means that they function whenever there is an overload or higher flow of current for a longer duration of time, the duration which can hamper the normal functioning of the circuit.

What is the difference between MCB and fuse?

Nowadays MCBs are much more commonly used in low voltage electrical requirement networks instead of fuses. The MCB has many advantages compared to a fuse, following are some of them: - MCB switches off the electric circuit automatically in case of short circuit, overload or any abnormal conditions as it is more sensitive to change in current.

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