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Frequently Asked Questions

How many marine aviation awards are there?

The 28 Marine Aviation Awards span the spectrum of Marine aviation and recognize Marines of all ranks, who are nominated by their superiors and vetted through Headquarters Marine Corps. Our MCAA Squadrons are organizations that bond the MCAA community throughout the country and overseas.

Why has the MCAA 2021 annual convention been cancelled?

Considering the safety of MCAA members, the association and our industry partners, it was decided that the MCAA 2021 Annual Convention will be cancelled due to the impacts of COVID-19. What does this mean for MCAA members and our industry partners?

Who are the Aviators of the Year for 2021?

Award winners will be recognized at the 49th Annual Marine Corps Aviation Association Symposium in Dallas, TX, from 20-22 July 2021. 2.a. Alfred A. Cunningham Award (Aviator of the Year): Capt Joshua E. Hazeldean, HMLA-367, MAG-24, 1st MAW

What does MCAA do for You?

Besides our Annual Symposium in May, MCAA hosts various events, dinners, and golf tournaments throughout the year. A portion of the proceeds from many of our events help fund historic projects, aircraft restoration, scholarships, and allow us to donate (as a community) to organizations that support Marines and their families in time of need.

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