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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 2021 Marine Corps Aviation Awards?

These prestigious awards recognize those Marines an units that have distinguished themselves as the best in Marine aviation during the award period from 1 January 2020 to 31 December 2020. 2. The 2021 Marine Corps Aviation Awards are listed below: a. Alfred A. Cunningham Award- Marine Aviator of the Year

What are the different types of marine Awards?

Danny L. Radish Award (Enlisted Aircrewman of the Year): 2.h. Willie D. Sproule Award (Maintenance Marine of the Year): 2.i. Kenneth W. Southcomb Award (Aviation Supply Marine of the 2.j. Paul G. Vess Award (Avionics Marine of the Year):

When is the Marine Corps aviation readiness and Operations Summit 2021?

To solicit nominations for the annual Marine Corps Aviation Awards, to be presented during the 2021 Marine Aviation Readiness and Operations Summit in San Diego, CA, from 12-15 May 2021.

How do I contact HQMC for award winners?

Individual award winners and unit recipients shall provide the HQMC point of contact below with the following information NLT 10 April 2020: full name and name of guest (s), work/mobile phone numbers (DSN/Comm), and work/personal email addresses. Please send all correspondence regarding winner coordination to [email protected]

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