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Frequently Asked Questions

When are MCAA's completed applications due to MCAA?

Completed applications are due to MCAA by November 5, 2021. MCAA’s Virtual Trade Show connects our contractor members with the members of MCAA’s Manufacturer/Supplier Council.

What does MCAA do for You?

Besides our Annual Symposium in May, MCAA hosts various events, dinners, and golf tournaments throughout the year. A portion of the proceeds from many of our events help fund historic projects, aircraft restoration, scholarships, and allow us to donate (as a community) to organizations that support Marines and their families in time of need.

Why attend MCAA's technical conference?

Enjoy MCAA's premier event with an abundance of educational workshops, riveting special sessions, outstanding exhibits, and social functions that never fail to amaze and delight. The NCPWB Technical Conference highlights the latest in welding education and technology. Discussions also address changes to codes and other technical information.

What kind of magazines does MCAA publish?

We publish two magazines: The Yellow Sheet and the annual MCAA Journal. The Yellow Sheet is produced three times a year. It keeps our readers up to date on current events in Marine aviation while also educating them on its legacy of success. and provides an end of the year summary from all four Marine aircraft wings.

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