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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ORTEC Maestro?

MAESTRO Multichannel Analyzer Emulation Software ORTEC MAESTRO is a multichannel analyzer (MCA) “emulation” software package that is compatible with gamma and alpha spectroscopy systems in a wide variety of industrial, teaching, research, and other scientific applications. Skip to content USA - English This site in other countries/regions:

How does the ORTEC model aspec-927 interface to a computer?

The ORTEC Model ASPEC-927 interfaces to a personal computer via the USB-2.0 interface and includes MAESTRO emulation software. Each ASPEC-927 is presented in a single width NIM chassis and includes two independent 16k ADCs, and 512 kb of memory.

What is an an MCA?

An MCA analyzes a stream of voltage pulses and sorts them into a histogram, or “spectrum” of number of events, versus pulse-height, which may often relate to energy or time of arrival. The stored spectrum may then be displayed and analyzed. ORTEC’s MCA offering is one of the world’s largest, providing solutions through a variety of formats.

What is ORTEC digidart?

The ORTEC DigiDART is an extraordinary, portable, HPGe-grade Multichannel Analyzer. It has been carefully engineered to perform the most demanding real world, PORTABLE gamma-ray spectroscopy applications.

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